Sometimes I see people taking pictures on the bus as we're coming into the city and sometimes I see people taking pictures of the Cathedral here in Oakland (literally right here, two seconds ago. I'm eating a cookie and this chick gets all up in my space trying to get all 42 stories of this building in a picture.) I wonder if they think this is actually exciting and cool, like, they're genuinely impressed. Now, if you live somewhere, and see the same stuff everyday, you're obviously not going to be impressed, but Pittsburgh is really not an impressive place. Maybe it's just the novelty that compels people to document it. I mean, they're definitely not on vacation here, and if they are on vacation here, that's totally wild to me.

I don't know where I was going with this. I think I just want to go on vacation myself and see things that are novel to me. Novel things that are also cool and interesting would be a plus, too.

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English translation of "Emma Zunz" by Jorge Luis Borges

One of Borges' favorite stories, from El Aleph (1949), and one of the few of his stories which has a female protagonist. I took a stab at translating this because it's pretty short. Watch out for some weird sentences though.

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i haven't written in three or four days and i feel guilty about it. meanwhile, suddenly it is christmas eve and i need to try to will myself to pass out within the next half hour because i have to go to the mall tomorrow and get a dress or something because i was stunned to find out christmas is tuesday. i don't know how that happens with me and time. i trick myself into believing things i just make up.

i think i may need to not renew my wow subscription. i told let i would get guild wars 2, and i am still seriously considering this, but there is no way i could have time for school, writing, and two MMORPGs. (that's in order of priority, btw.) wow is bumming me out lately anyway. these dailies bust my ass, and it's hell trying to upgrade gear. so, i got back into pvp for a while, and obtained four pieces of the dreadful set, but that kind of sucks, too, because tad left, and i don't know if anyone else even does level 90 bgs. well, i think tia did sometimes, but tia and ran left for a more dedicated raiding guild, which also makes me sad. ugh, that's another reason to take a break from wow, maybe by then we'll actually be raiding, because jesus christ i am so done with LFR!!!

i didn't intend for this to evolve into wow rambling but there it is

i'm very tired i really have no idea what i'm saying and i'm also feeling pretty inclined to Start Shit right now so i think it would be wise for me to just go to bed
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spring semester!
  • PORT 0004 - Intermediate Portuguese Four: thankfully they made another section. don't think lilly is my teacher again though :-(
  • SPAN 1400 - Survey of Latin American Literature: should be fine. looking forward to reading more stuff since SPAN 0050 was kind of a disappointment in that regard
  • SPAN 1705 - Seminar: Hispanic Literature & Culture: apparently this is research projects or something on the topic "The Tragedy of Our America." should also be fine, though i had a mini panic attack thinking the teacher was the advisor who hates me, hah.
  • HAA 0020 - Introduction to Asian Art: i'm probably going to hate this, lol, oh well. i need it for a gen ed. it's an online class, at least.

so i'm on campus from 2 to 5:45 mondays and wednesdays, then just portuguese on fridays, which is a little more intense than this past semester has been. i was getting used to my 6 to 8:30 night class on mondays, but i'm glad i don't have that anymore. i'm also glad i was able to get into SPAN 1705 since i was on the waitlist for SPAN 1305, Spanish Applied Linguistics, and there's only 18 slots in that class and it doesn't look hopeful. i was surprised SPAN 0050 is a prerequisite for SPAN 1705, though it also says SPAN 1400 and 1600 are viable prerequisites, which is sort of odd because 0050 is a prereq for those. anyway, i'm sure i'll be fine, just hope nobody comes breathing down my neck about taking an upper level course when i haven't finished all the mid levels yet. i also still need to officially declare the portuguese minor and look into the study abroad program in portugal next summer to see if that's something i can feasibly consider ://
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descartes is dangerous
as i am reading descartes, i am starting to think about things the way i used to when i was younger and (i guess) had more time to sit and think, though not so much time to sit and think it would only result in depression. further discussion here has been prompted by descartes' second meditation. so, i am talking about the kind of really introspective thinking that is sort of terrifyingly overwhelming if you let it cultivate. when i was young (elementary school maybe?), sometimes i would think along these lines: "it is incredible i am myself, i am thinking such thoughts within my brain, which is what is defining me as a person" or even simply "i am madeline." suddenly it would literally blow my mind, then just as soon as i was stunned by this realization, i would lose hold of it. i am having a hard time reclaiming that uncanny self awareness at the moment. i will try tomorrow

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im making a post so i can try to get those posts from two years ago off my main page

however, i do not want to waste precious bandwidth given to me for zero dollars on a completely pointless post, so i will also 1) describe my current situation: two thirty a.m. and difficulty falling asleep 2) ask everyone to comment here detailing what they are most excited for in the coming weeks or months, e.g., "i'm excited for halloween because i'm thinking about being dorothy. my dog would be toto. she is a yorkshire terrier, not a cairn terrier, but the two breeds look pretty similiar so hopefully no one will point this out."
a lot of wonderful things happened today
  1. to even out the two sections for portuguese 3 (which are at the same time), the teacher asked for a few people to go to lilly's class down the hall. so i was the first to volunteer because the room i was in was super stuffy and cramped, and i wanted to have lilly as my teacher because i know her from the workshop ahaha. i thought it was one of the nationality rooms, but i learned there aren't any on the second floor. it's actually the Mulert Memorial Room and it is spacious and perfectly air conditioned
  2. i was able to get into the monday night intro to hispanic lit class!!! i'm so so so happy about this! i was in the tues/thurs class before the other port. section was added and i was planning to go tues/thurs instead of my usual mon/wed/fri. i really NEED to take port. 3 (which is mon/wed/fri), but going to school every day of the week would kill me so i checked every single day this whole month to see if someone dropped the monday night class and someone did today. so i missed tonight's class but i have two weeks to do whatever they did today since hispanic lit is only on mondays. so now my schedule is really damn great, and mondays are the only rough day, since i'll be on campus from 2-8:30. i've been wanting to take this class for a whole year now, so i'm really pumped!!!
  3. well i guess those were the only two really incredible things. the third can be that i went to olive garden for dinner

i'm so relieved!!!!!!!!! i've been stressed out about that spanish class for weeks and i really didn't want to have to drop it because school is so much more tolerable when i have classes in my major/minor. i don't care much for these general education requirements. they are either boring or i am bad at them or both.

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regarding LiveJournal
take a look at these numbers:
38 Journal Entries
548 comments received
26,024 comments posted

what happens when you delete an entry, is the comments on it disappear too. i seem awfully generous if you look at the face value of these statistics. i just really can't tolerate knowing there's stupid shit i've said in the past taking up space on the internet! it's a fact of life, but i'll eliminate what i can. is it something that will never end, how i look back on things i've written or said in the past and am so angry i wish i could just smack myself for sounding like such a foolish idiot? i understand a lot of people feel this way. it is odd because i have always believed i was very cool and witty and smart at every moment of my life (and i continue to feel this way because i am a narcissistic ass), but looking back at my former self who i know felt that way, i just want to cry it's so embarrassing.

i made a livejournal in 2004, when i was in 7th grade. i can actually remember some posts very specifically. one was a chart about why anime was so much better than american cartoons (how the times have changed.) i was a big weeb. not the biggest, but i don't like to think about how weeby me and my friends were back in middle school and early high school.
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